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Ega Group of Companies is a professional recycling engineering firm with the latest innovation to recycle E-waste. Our development in recycling technology has maximized the recycling material value and minimized the waste to a landfill. On the other hand, our innovation is able to recycle to 100% and avoid waste to a landfill (Zero waste).

Our very first recycling technology is developed by group of engineers from EGA together with recycling experts from Germany, India and China. This combined recycling technology is the perfect innovation to recycle e-waste and we named it E-waste Copper Recovery Technology.

Combined Ega Recycling has experience of over 80 years in all facets of modern recycling

Precious Metal Recovery

This Precious Metal Recovery facility established in Arab Malaysian Industrial Park, a dedicated industrial area for industrial and manufacturing activities with medium and high capacity. This facility with our technology is to recover copper and fiber from a phenolic laminated copper board (PLCB).

EGA has been involved with the copper recovery activities for years and is also a licensed e-waste contractor approved by DOE for e-waste full recovery. In line with higher e-waste generated by the electronic sector, EGA has expanded their business and established two new manufacturing lines to recover copper from e-waste.

FIBRE – Chip & Powder

Our Research and Development Team have an innovation for this by-product. We have successfully identified perfect combination to produce Wood Product Composites (WPC). This composites is completely an intellectual property (IP) for EGA Recycling and the only Company that has the exclusive rights on the development in Malaysia.



Wood Plastic Composites is a material to produce the following products:

  • Floor Tiles
  • Pots
  • Pallets


Our Research and Development partners in local as well as in overseas jointly developed a technology to use our by product (fibre) as raw materials and also fulfilled our vision towards ZERO WASTE. These innovations will benefit both EGA and the Nation. Our continuous Research and Development will advance us towards conservation of natural resources and maximize recycling activity.

Steel Scrap

EGA, has a long standing reputation in the supply of steel scrap catering to both local steel mills and exports internationally, predominantly to China and India.

Time bound deliveries are a strong point in our business strategy. Ega has developed a trusting relationship with our customers, nurtured by high ethical standards.

Steel scrap can be supplied in any quantity and quality. We have a ready stock of standard-size steel scrap and items of regular demand. Enquiries for specific qualities and sizes are dealt with utmost care and executed even on an emergency basis. Large consignments can be arranged.

Our steel trading activity is located at Puchong Industrial Estate, Selangor. Our strategic location at Puchong allows us to attract large quantity of steel scrap from various part of Malaysia for export.

Precious Metals

Whether you have a full load or partial load, we can provide the quality service you need to get the most from your precious metal scrap. Our many years of experience in the precious metal refining business have given us the knowledge to accurately identify the values in your precious metal scrap. EGA Company gives the customer the option. We can make an offer for your precious metal scrap and purchase it outright or we can offer to send it to one of our smelters using one of our contracts. This would be a totally transparent transaction; you will receive actual refining reports from the smelters showing you your returns. Whether you have high grade material or low grade materials we have the contract that will maximize the returns on your investment.

EGA Company also has the ability to offer a deposit and hedging options on large loads going directly to the smelters. Our representative will help you figure out which option is best for your company.

List of precious metal scrap we specialize in:

Mother Boards

Telecom Boards

Main Frame Boards


Cell Phones

Digital Boards

Hard Drive Boards

TV Boards

Monitor Boards

Precious Metal Bearing Scrap

Gold Plated Pins

Electronic Waste Recycling Gallery

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap

We purchase all scrap commodities that come from the processing of electronic waste.

We make a commitment to our clients that we audit all of our downstream vendors, ensuring that all scrap materials will be processed with the utmost integrity and quality assurance.

Send us your list of commodities available for sale; we will be happy to provide you pricing.

List of materials we buy

 Power Supplies
 CD Roms
 Floppy Drives
 Insulated Copper Wire
 Degaussing Wire
 Ribbon Wire
 Shredded Hard Drives
 Lead Acid Batteries
 Hard Drives
 $1 Copper
 $2 Copper
 Aluminum Capacitors
 Main Frames
 Baled Steel

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Gallery

Computer Equipment



Reuse is widely recognized as the most environmentally beneficial form of recycling. Repairing and reusing electronics extends the useful life of products and keeps them out of the waste stream. It also recovers more value per unit than any other form of materials management. Not only that, reusing electronics devices reduces the need to manufacture new units, and makes affordable electronics more accessible to a wider range of consumers.


Recovery of valuable metals and other materials from end-of-life electronics provides a sustainable solution when legitimate reuse is no longer feasible. “Urban mining” for rare and precious materials contained in electronic devices also stretches our planet’s limited supply of natural resources and requires less energy than the mining of new metals.

When you have inventory you’d like to sell, send us your list. We will send it out to our network of buyers located throughout the world.

Whether you have an entire truck load of computer equipment or just a few skids, we will bid them out to get you the best return on your investment.

List of assets we specialize in:

 Desk Tops
 LCD Monitors


Understanding Used Electronics


Used electronics are one of the fastest growing segments of the waste stream. Electronics contain materials that are potentially hazardous to the environment and human health if not handled responsibly.

Mercury, Cadmium, Phosphors, Lead and other metals common in electronics, as well as plastics and flame retardants, can contaminate the air, water and soil if sent to a landfill, or otherwise irresponsibly disposed of. Many of these materials are also known to cause birth defects, neurological impairments, respiratory illness, cancer, or other serious ailments in humans or animals exposed to these substances.

The explosive growth in technology consumption has created a monumental challenge: the proper management of used electronics in both the developed and the developing world.


 In 2012, approximately 15 pounds of used electronics were generated per capita, worldwide – but less than 20% were recycled.
 The volume of used electronics is expected to increase over 33% by the end of the decade, with much of that growth coming from emerging economies.
 Used electronics vary widely in size, shape, weight, age and technological complexity – including everything from last year’s high end mobile phone, to a PC workstation. Many of these products can be repaired and reused. All others can be recycled for their scrap materials.
 Increasing numbers of electronic devices contain sensitive user data, including contact information, credit cards, medical histories, photos, and other data. Unauthorized access to used or discarded devices is one of the leading causes of data security breaches

The demand of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) has increased dramatically with the advancement in technology. Drastic innovations on the electrical and electronic technologies further shortened the life, and thus enhanced the generation of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) or electronic waste (e-waste). The global production of e-waste/WEEE is increasing rapidly and is expected to accelerate in the near future. Currently, 20 to 25 million tons per year of e-waste are being generated globally with major share of Europe, USA and Australasia. However, China, Eastern Europe and Latin America are expected to become significant e-waste producers in the next decade.In Europe, it is expected that the production of e-waste will increase by 45% between 1995 and 2020. Therefore, a three pillars strategy of waste prevention, recycling and reuse has been suggested to minimize the environmental impact and promote the efficient utilization of wasted resources.E-waste is classified as hazardous material therefore should be managed properly. However, the presence of precious metals (PMs) in e-waste such as gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt),
Gallium (Ga), palladium (Pd), tantalum (Ta), tellurium (Te), germanium (Ge) and selenium (Se) makes it attractive for recycling. Metal extraction processes from e-waste, particularly the
existing industrial practices and routes, will be reviewed. Industrially, different metallurgical routes are used to extract valuable metals from e-waste. Both pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes
are commonly employed to recover PMs.

Electronic Waste Gallery

Products From Our Mining


Coarse Sand

Suitable for batching plant
Wash Coarse sands’ sizes vary over three millimetres. Our wash coarse sand is appropriate to be used in different industries, such as concrete sand, sand for the development ready mixed, structural piles etc.

Fine Sand

Suitable for plastering, brick laying, & other use.Washed Fine sands particles range around 2 millimeters. It can be used as plastering sand and roof tiles manufacturing etc. Our company produces the best quality of fine sand. The origin are from Southern Malaysia. We deliver fine sand by truck-load for Domestic and Export to interested buyer in FOB term. Just provide us with the required details wand We will forward to you our quotation.

Silica Sand

We too produce graded silica sand with high quality and has been used in many industries such as construction, renovation, and water filtration, and other sectors.


Suitable for ceramic, brick and pottery. Clay are koalinitic sedimentary clays that commonly consist of 20-80% kaolinite. It is a heavy, sticky material from the earth that is made into different shapes and that becomes hard when it is baked or dried to make bricks, pottery, and ceramics.

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