Here is a baseline of how Ega Energy Resources actively searches, analyses only the best conventional and un-conventional projects in the market place:

  1. Energy Resources Professional team, Partners and Affiliates; carefully reviews over 20 various Oil & Gas projects each year in depth, to only choose a limited number that meet our strict criteria’s, and also which would have the utmost potential.
  2. We avoid narrow focus by choosing various projects, in various geographical locations.
  3. By using multiple variables such as Oil & Gas, and given multiple international locations, we diversify the risk.
  4. Ega Energy Resources consistently seeks newer and better technology to increase efficiency, we then exploit them to maximize benefits to our investors.
  5. Along with ManPower and material supply (EgaBelfort) with global reach
*As Ega Energy Resources expands into partnership formations, exploratory projects, acquisition, leasing and non conventional energy sources it looks towards the future with the economy changes that have created an immense opportunity for companies such as Energy Resources as, now more than ever major oil companies are offering quality strategic opportunities which typically produce positive cash flow, However, they are decentralized to the rest of their operations tremendous optimism.